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CILS is the international arm of the Caron group of companies. Our aim is to share our expertise with corporate and institutional partners around the world. Since 1976, the Caron team has been offering high quality language services to companies, organizations and individuals across Canada and around the world. Our excellent reputation is built on our vast experience, modern techniques, and wide range of affordable services. What distinguishes us above all is our determination to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

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Caron Professionnal & Linguistic Centre

Caron Translation Centre

Some of our clients

As an educational institution with a federal charter, we have been active across Canada and abroad since 1976. We offer specialized language training.


Since 1985, we have provided our clients with top quality affordable translation services. We have various areas of specialization.


Access Ontario
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Assembly of First Nations
Association of Canada Land Surveyors...